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A program of spiritual development for groups and individuals featuring a new and unique tool and technique to use in clarifying your concept of the nature of God or the nature of what is most sacred to you.

No matter how hard you work on your mind to learn,
No matter how hard you work on your body to look good,
No matter how hard you work on your psyche to feel good,
No matter how hard you work on your career to make money,
If you don't work on your spiritual life,
Life at its best will always be beyond your grasp.
The more you bring your personal faith to conscious expression,
The better you can know yourself and understand yourself,
The better you can accept yourself and love yourself.
The better you love yourself,
The more likely you are to love another person unconditionally,
And to love God more,
as you understand God.
Then, and only then, you can live life at its best.
Then you can truly experience personal faith with a passion.

A nationwide program based in Oklahoma City founded by Dr. Ray Dykes. He serves as a Personal Pastor® and is the President of the Board of Trustees of the Personal Pastor® Program, Inc.

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Personal Faith with a Passion

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Experiencing Jesus

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Relating World Religions to Christianity

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The Synoptic Gospels As You've Never Seen Them Before:

Reactions of People who have worked on their Personal Faith.

I want to live Deuteronomy 6:4-5. The questions and materials you have provided through the Personal Faith Program™ have mapped out that course. As I take this journey with you, Personal Pastor®, I have come to realize how little of my theology is just that, mine. The result of owning my theology enables me to read the Bible much more freely and challenges my narrow perceptions (a not-too-comfortable position at times). I am more willing to accept that which I cannot master-the mystery, paradox and conflict of the Bible-and to understand that the Bible for me becomes a metaphor for life.
– 47-year-old unchurched woman, wife, mother of two, emergency room physician in Nashville, Tennessee

Although I have only been in the Personal Faith Program™ for a few months, I believe my spiritual growth has been excellent. It has been wonderful to exchange theological ideas with a person of your education, understanding, and experience. I think the most important aspect for me has been the validation of what I believe as being okay, without pressure to change, though changes are inevitable with more knowledge and experience. I think the Personal Faith Program™ will be a model chosen over the coming years by many persons who have become frustrated with the traditional church.
– 50-year-old unchurched man, single, director of a social service agency in OKC

As a result of my first year in the Personal Faith Program™, I have learned that there are many different concepts of the nature of God, and no right or wrong way to believe in God. I feel like more of a whole person, and that being an individual is exactly the way God loves me and accepts me. I have prayed more in the last year than I have in a long time. I feel more patient and calm. I trust God more, and I listen more to God than I have in a long time.
– 48-year-old unchurched woman, single, medical technician from OKC

I've become more involved in the Personal Faith Program™ this past year. Ray has helped me with answers to my most basic questions. Because of the answers and the encouragement, my eyes and soul have opened up to so many exciting things. I'm excited from the inside out. I've always tried to depend on external things, such as special events, physical appearance, and 'wishing', to make me feel good inside. Now warmth, peace, eagerness and faith feel good inside. Being involved with the Personal Faith Program™ has assured me that it's okay to have my own theology.
– 40-year-old unchurched woman, single, administrative assistant in Smyrna, Tennessee

I lost so much of what I believed in because of the bombing. Maybe that is spiritual growth. I don't have the neat 'predestined' boxes I used to have. I have a new perspective of randomness in the world and how it relates to God. I think I'm a stronger person, otherwise I couldn't allow for the thought of randomness. I guess losing my beliefs, except in God and his goodness, opened me up to more mystery. Our discussion was very beneficial, and still is, more than a year after the bombing.
– 45-year-old unchurched woman, single, IRS auditor from OKC

If you choose to participate in the Personal Faith Program™, this is what you can expect to receive. Everybody needs a pastor. The first step to becoming a participant is to call Dr. Dykes at 405.728.2844 and have a personal interview. Additional letters of reference and recommendation are available upon request.

How to become a Participant.

An exciting spiritual adventure of growth and understanding can be yours . . . Call (405.728.2844) or e-mail Dr. Dykes for more information . . .

The Logo and What It Means

The Personal Pastor®

The PFP logo exemplifies what this program is all about. It appears to mean different things to different people when they first view it.  That is as it should be, for this program is just that; people 'viewing' their own spirituality, very much a personal thing, not dictated by others.

  • There are several possible views of the logo:
  • A person kneeling in prayer or meditation in that person's own space.
  • An embryonic figure, symbolic of a new beginning.
  • The number two, which stands for the personal attention each participant receives from one Personal Pastor®.
  • A question mark that landed hard, since participants are asked to deal with hard questions.
Mailing Address:
Personal Faith Program™
9205 Lansbrook Lane
Oklahoma City, OK 73132-2220
Phone :
Merged, Blended & Arranged by Ray Dykes
January, 1996

All the material in Matthew, Mark and Luke is presented in one document, eliminating duplication, and laying out the entire content in a logical, chronological and geographic-sensitive order. This is "the gospel for busy people," and for those who read the Bible for spiritual growth and pleasure. There is extensive use of the Scholars Version (SV), a product of the Jesus Seminar. This is a translation that tries to provide to the reader what the listener may have heard when it was first said or read.
Translated, Paraphrased and/or Redacted by Ray Dykes
December, 1998

This book is written for those people who want to understand the stories of the Torah, especially those who have never tried to read them before. It presents the ancient, unvarnished, tribal stories of the Hebrews in the same way the ancient Hebrews would have heard them, and later read them. Material not directly connected to the narrative material has been omitted. All the names of people and places have been translated or paraphrased, because Hebrew names meant something in the ears of the original listeners, and the meanings are essential to understanding the story.
and details about some Christian Churches and a few Sect Groups
Compiled and Edited by Ray and Donna Dykes
September, 2001

A workbook providing an overview and synopsis of the world's great religions and some major and minor Christian Churches and denominations. It focuses on the theology of these religions and churches, but also provides a quick peek at historical background, sacred book(s), organization, and distinctive practices. Each group is described in no more than two pages. Those described are: Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Islam; Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Baptist, Methodist, Nazarene, Salvation Army, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Churches of Christ, Mormon, and Jehovah's Witnesses.


Compiled and Edited by Ray Dykes
November, 1997

This booklet presents the expressed faith of early Christian writers, from Paul to Augustine. With one exception, the synopsis of information from each writer is presented in two pages, and includes biographical data, writings in existence, main contribution to the Christian movement, and expressions of faith in various theological categories. All the theology of these writers leads to or revolves around the writing of the Nicene Creed. The key issues are the nature of Jesus and the relationship between God and Jesus.

books available from Pair o' Docs Press, Ltd.
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